Art Exhibit at MOA

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For my addiction in Art. Paintings and crafts exhibit in SM mall of Asia

That one Saturday, we planned to watch a movie in MOA. After eating we pass by the exhibit, which made me so so euphoric coz i didn’t even know there’s an exhibit going on that day. So Here are some photos of it. It's so amazing so i want to share it to you guys!

Its so beautiful… O_O I felt happiness, fun, and amazement just by looking in that painting when we were in that exhibit. Calming color backgrounds.
This is another favorite of mine. I’ll have these kind of art painting frames when the time comes that i have my own house. I planned that kind of frame structures before for my walls. This is very fascinating idea. I love it.

The 1st photo on these three (top), is made of cloth with paint. another strategy or idea to make it look embossed and realistic of its features. 2nd, collage frames in different sizes of paintings. The #rd photo is very interesting. It has a message about people and nature.
It’s like a room in 3D that you can get into it. If you look closely there are lines like the walls has pattern of lines. There’s a form on the middle part and on its floor there another. :) 

<3 for Crafts
1st, Bicycle but in another abstract way. 2nd, Bicycle parts form in another abstract way, i see it as a huge instrument. Sorry i haven’t take a shot of it in front view, too many people. 3rd,This is very cool! think of what is the meaning of this craft. The air plain is made from books. :) 
Some of my photos in the exhibit. Hello Koya Tetel! Thank you so much!

Wew! this is a long post! haha! share share!
*Kiss :*

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