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TOP: Bazaar finds
SHOES: Primadonna

Love the snake bracelet with gems. 
My skirt is versatile, another skirt that i so love, because it can be used if you want it longer or for corporate attire. Actually, i bought it for our corpo attire in school till we got our gala uniforms. So anyway it could be longer or it could be worn shorter just by unzipping its lower part, design to have a style and purpose. Pretty cool right?  
SKIRT: Folded and Hung

Yey! Festival in our town! Celebrating Sto. Nino and dancing it way up high is a tradition here in torn as catholics and feast days of saints. It's one of my favorite celebrations coz the strees are full of color games and board games, Houses full of different feast where you can eat open to everyone, And happiness spread all over the place. It's one of the things that i admire for people prepare different acts, dance, music, and colorful costumes for the big parade. 
 Mayor Alfredo Lim also joined the parade!

Even the Sto. Nino's have beautiful clothing like they are children in different costumes. Even real kids and babies wore Nino dresses! how adorably cute!

Mean while...  We passed by this before going in our house so i pose in the graffiti wall! sorry, look so lame. 
Here's a photo from my instagram. You think short hair fits me? tell me the truth please haha :)

I am please to live in the town of Tondo, manila for the people are always so jolly and fun.
more memories to go for adventure time! happy reading!

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