2012 memories

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My videos last 2012.
 Me singing with my classmate in our event Barrio fiesta.

me singing 12:51 last summer :)
Yes, i sing but not too good. This are the first videos in 2012 of me singing because this was the time i got my guts to go have a video of myself singing and do singing in front of many people without hesitating. I was in theater for 2 years of my collage but still im shy type haha! sorry about that. I had videos of our plays too. I got the chance singning Lea salonga's song in les' miserables titled On my own (00:04:23) in our play The Origleenals.
p.s. sorry for the video quality. It was taken only by an audience using his phone. This was way back last february 2011. :)

This is one of the things i achived aside from starting a blog, publishing my novel (on the making on wattpad.com), recording my compositions, posting my sketches and drawings, and more stuff. 2012 has been great to me full of happiness, blessings and trials. For me it was the blooming year of my talents. I hope this will go on and on for the up coming years, means more to come haha! Hope you guys like it. :) Thank you 2012 & Happy blessful 2013.

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