Black meets Gold

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 Oh how sunny it is but then i'm wearing black! Most of us know black is a heat absorb-er BUT black is the color that makes your body look slimmer. I wore tank top to lessen heat plus the sexy asdfghjkl factor! if you know what i mean, haha! I gain weight, that's why i wore black here Lol. 
I'm pretty much in love with aztec (as for most girls as well for it is a trend) plus the gold so i end up loving this outfit. I love elegant looking things and i love dull colors, vintage colors or less scene stealer colors like old rose, brown, and the elegant of all time - gold... i'm not fan of bright neon colors but i promise myself i'll try to wear sometime but i'll wear it in unique way or blended. So here you are! 
Oh! another factor that made me think of the title of this post is because of the bag, doll shoes, and bangles i have. They are all from Tomato. It's the first bag that i bought in tomato. The first time i saw it i was like oh-i-want-that-bag-so-badly-right-now-can-i-touch-it look. Lol. I really love it! and they are selling a set of bangles that time so i end up picking the set of black bangles with gold chain and black spikes. The doll shoes are comfy and elegant looking with the simple gold ribbon tie.
Black is modest and arrogant at the same time. Black is lazy and easy but mysterious. -a caption on my current picture in my facebook
 So here's the bangles and the shoes, posted in my instagram.

Tank top: F21
Aztec skirt: Oxygen
Bag, shoes, bangles: Tomato

Happy reading!

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  1. simple and chic casual look. I love your skirt :)

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    Love, Maria