Bubba Gump and Me

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Do you remember the most best selling, inspirational movie Forrest Gump? Well i just like to share to you guys (for those who doesn't know it yet, and for those who know it, well go on haha!) moving on...My family (father's side) had a celebration of home coming of my uncle from states and me, soon will be go to states as well, and dine at the Bubba Gump. I was very curious coz the name was so familiar, the 'Gump', made me a bit excited if im guessing it right while we're on the car park. And yes i was right! it was from my favorite movie Forrest Gump. the whole dinner is full of it! I'm very overwhelmed, making me feel so close to part of the whole story of the movie.
Let me first droll you around on what was in there that makes me so (insert word here) while being in there.

 Bubba Gump is a restaurant and a market as well selling more on shrimp and sea food. Yeah, huhu for me. But i ate a lot especially their desert! Oh so HEAVENLY DELICIOUS! Too bud i don't have a photo of it coz the time it was put down on our table, i started to keep on digging. It take 10-15 minutes to made it for it is baked cookie below and a ice cream and stuff on the top. Very well match and VERY VERY YUMMY COOKIE! Waah! i miss it already. So here you are, the food is great very stuffing and delicious that's why even though i'll be itching a bit because of the sea food well it's totally worth it! Yum!
Another is the Bubba gump name it to the two friends Gump which is from the Primary character Forrest Gump and Bubba who's forrest friend died in their military war. Bubba was all about shrimp in their shrimp boat that's why he decided to go to military. :)

One of the famous and easy to remember lines in the movie - "Run Forrest Run!"
Well the company made it very useful, when you don't need anything from the waiter and just want to keep on to your food, you'll just stay it as 'run forrest run' but if you're gonna order theres another in the back of it which is 'Stop Forrest Stop". Very nice, ay?

Strolling more on the restaurant....

This are replicas of Jenny and Forrest clothes from the movie and pictures of theme all over the place. 
Very nice. 
 Some of the famous quotations in the movie.
Yes, the box of chocolate.. "Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you gonna get."

Ok! so sorry for these outfit photos on the ladies restroom, ok? I had no choice, everyone's busy :( 
 Some of my families.

 More outfit post.

Oh yeah, sorry for a 2 week late update. Too busy with school works and stuff. Hope to post more, ay?
Happy reading/sharing!

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