No Hindrance

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Sorry guys for the super late update! i promise myself that i want to update weekly but prior to my schooling and stuff to attend to because i'm leaving Philippines for a while, i was so caught up and lose time to post. :(  Sorry. So here you are, still reading..Thank goodness! :D
 I dunno what's with me and black. All i can say about this is i'm gaining weight. Seriously? im so into posting of outfits more on black. i dunno, really. It's just a co-incidence. Okay, so here it goes...i love about this outfit is my skirt. I got it over the rack of thrift shop, caught my eye because of its shiny, a bit metallic feature. I thought it would not fit for me but yey it did fit pretty well. Due to its cut above the knee i top it with tank top  to give a little kick of show-some-skin. Of course, i love matching the black with gold coz it looks elegant and black expose gold's classy look. Since i'm wearing all black, the shoes should differ to give a little color to the black blocking. Oh, another is if you want to look simpler and conservative and all add-on a cream cardigan for it matches good on skin plus it brings a good style of sophistication. I love it though. :)

Tank top: F21 | Cardigan: SM Department store/True love | Skirt: Thrifted | Shoes: Primadonna
Bag: Tomatoph | Bangles: Tomatoph | Ring: DIY | Necklace: 168

About the title? No stopping of posting of black blocking is the story behind it. Again, sorry. haha!
Hope to post soon enough for i have tons of paper works in school coz i'll be leaving soon to US.
Thank you guys and still, HAPPY READING!

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