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Hello you guys! It took so long for me to update and I'm sorry. I was so busy working here and having so much fun in our training especially living in the country of US! I'm so loving US, seriously. I can live here. I start imagining my life living in here already in my future and most of us here don't want to go home yet coz we're so used to it already like we're so relax no worries just work and have fun all day long plus the money you're earning is worth it, promise! New jersey is great with nice people. I'm very bless to be here for 3 and a half month, who wouldn't love that, right?! So much fun, experience and learning. I's so used to be here already. We're so having fun in work with our American friends and go shopping and a lot lot lot of adventures. 
I've gone to New York and Atlantic but i want to post this first. 
We've gone last night to eat Chinese food in China Buffet King. It was really good like we haven't eaten coz we're like eating pizza, burger, pasta, steaks all week coz that's their food here. Sometimes we cook Filipino foods in our house. We miss rice that's why sometimes our buffet lunch in work has rice for us haha. Our managers and co-workers are so nice and we love them.
Sometimes i hate it coz it's too cold that i cant wear anything that i'm planing for you'll just cover them with jacket or coat. But thankfully i manage to wear something decent for the night. My favorite? shoes and bag! i love the classic look of my shoes i was so lucky i found it. Matched it with the bohemian look of the teased orange bag with the tease little charm of the shoes. I love it! My new favorite.
 Thanks to my friend Vina who took this shoots for me. (:

Pants: Shopaholic (SM Dept. Store)
Shoes: Bass (i bought it here)
Bag: Mossimo (Here too)
Necklace & Top: F21 (Necklace, here)
Coveralls: Thrifted

That's for now. More adventures before leaving US in June.
Happy Reading!

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