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Helloooo readers!!! Lol. it's been way too long since i've posted something in my blog. I miss it too much but unfortunately i was so busy in US this past 3 months. I really like US and i even don't want to go home yet but since i'm still studying, i have to go back to my home which i do miss a lot. Ok, enough with my drama that i can't move on here is LACMA, the museum i gone to when i was in L.A. It was like heaven to me. i love museums and it's really sad for me that i haven't gone to the museums of New York. By the way, i'll be posting my other adventures in U.S. including the fabulous and amazing New York!
LACMA is really really big museum. i really love it! i was there for like 6 hours since i'm all alone because i like going to museums alone for it's my peaceful place.
I was so excited to go here when i known that this is where they shoot the "No strings attached" movie which i really love. These lights are more fascinating at night though.

More adventures to come. Happy reading! lovelove!

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