Disneyland California, L.A.

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A DREAM COME TRUE. yes, it was a dream became reality. How amazingly they made it. It was my first time to be in Disneyland and i didn't even expect to go there when i got to L.A. My cousins plan a whole day in disneyland so literally we're there first thing in the morning so technically we saw the ropes down in opening it until the very very last show of mickey in the water with fireworks till closing. It was very exhausting but AMAZINGLY BEST MAGICAL FUN DAY EVER IN MY LIFE!!! 
As i said we're there first thing in the morning so we ate breakfast there in the magnificent view of the street of disneyland. Even though my cousins been to disneyland like a lot every year, they never get the chance to eat there so they're so excited as well like because of me they had a chance to do it. I ordered the mickey mouse waffles and cinnamon apple tea. i love tea and it was a pleasure for me to taste different kinds of tea if i could. 
We watched Mickey with the magical paint brush then Tangled, and Aladdin in different theaters.

We also rode this California Screamin'. Its in the other side of like a new part of disneyland which is called California Adventures wherein it has more of the cooler rides for teens and adults. it was fun here since we rode more rides and we have Fast Pass so we don't wait in lines. It was very COOL and FUN!
Yeah these are the some of the snap photos on the rides we rode on.
So by night there's this amazing show with the whole (most of them) characters  in boats and graphical show in fountain and then fireworks. I felt overwhelmed with whole of it actually like i always say 
"Sooo AMAZING" genuinely. 
It was one of the BEST experience i had in U.S. and it was very overwhelming happiness.

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