Shopping in different cities and boutiques in USA

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These are some hings i bought while i was in U.S. that's not all of it, i'll take photos of other stuff too.

 Mossimo and Timex

H&M my all time favorite place to shop there!
 Charlotte Russe
 Bass Classics! :D
 Deep Blue (one of the shops Jenkinson's where i had my exchange student training)
 Samsung Series 9 Ultrabook
 well, i need it! haha i'm not a user of blower before but i need it coz when i got to US it's still freaking snowing cold so i need to dry my hair before getting out of our house so i may not get head aches bcoz of wet hair freezing in cold weather. Plus i need to tie my hair in work too so it's a must to dry hair instantly.
 My all time favorite! i'm not a fan of chocolate milk but this is an exception! It's the best! too bad i haven't seen anything like this in Philippines yet.
 Goody brush, yay!
F21 sandal heels and more mac: matte lippie, Lip primer, eye shadow
 Bought this online: Sin and Nasty Gal
Bought this on Target, super comfy!
Bought this online in Barnes and Noble
More stuff i bought
Nine West

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