The City that Never Sleeps

2:13:00 PM Marian Faith Regala 0 Comments

My first walk in New York city this is what facing me, the huge Button and Needle. It was an honor for me to see this Ralph Lauren Fashion Walk of Fame!

Everyone knows Empire State and it was Huge! 
New York City Public Library, so dream come true!

Those Yellow Cabs. Huge Boutiques. Wow.
Consulate General of the Philippines.
This Statement is True.
This is the famous or know Catholic Church in New York, their Cathedral. I love it. Can you see how they made everything in detailed? Amazing. So Beautiful.
Where just walking since it's better to do touring in New York by walking so you can really experience how busy people are in here and there's no common street parking. Personally, i love doing tours by walks like this so i can get to see, feel and touch everything. 
Central Park.

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