Caleruega - A peace within nature

11:53:00 PM Marian Faith Regala 0 Comments

Caleruega. Wow. I can't utter anything to descride its beauty. I was so euphoric to go here because my best friend told me it was such a wonder place. And since we're already in Batangas, we compromise our trip Pico then Caleruega the the famous bulalohan in Tagaytay. My best friend was right, this place was such a wonder and breathtaking. A place were you can have a peace with God. Caleruega church held retreats and my school usually held it here. But since I took up my theo this 4th yr 1 semester, my curriculum changed and had my retreat in different place where I had my high school retreat as well. Caleruega is famous in helding weddings too since it was such a beauty with nature. Above and below were the first sight you'll see once you get there. The photo above isn't the church yet. You will walk to the trail pass some conference rooms and dorms and all around their place to reach the actual church.

Isn't it wonderful?! Such beauty with the nature!
After going to the church, we gone to find the hill temple. We cross this bridge then the gone to the maze and climb the hill.
Yes!!! this is the feeling when I got there! Yes!!! After that challenging climb because it was a bit raining in the morning so the hill is muddy and slippery and it was kinda hard but you it was soooo worth it! So worth it! After that challege -wooh! I reflect something about it actually in comparison to reality of life with God. I hope you get the point. haha! 
Yeah, im completely happy. Across this hill was the Caleruega church and building. It's like they own the whole mountain! haha! It was a big place, and I relly love it! Very relaxing, breathtaking and...and ... Oh thank you Lord! This is such a wonderful world!
One of the best place that you need to go and see for yourself! Hope you will sometime ;)

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