Pico De Loro Experience (part 2)

11:18:00 PM Marian Faith Regala 0 Comments

There's more!!! We did a lots of things in Pico de Loro and 3 days is not enough. So..here it is ;) 
Pico de Loro also helds a team building activities and recreational/leisure. They have spa, children's play room, bar, gym, more amenities. We did go bowling and billiards. I knew how to play billiards before but it was my first time to play bowling and I never thought it would be so much fun! Easy! haha! :D How about you guys, when you played bowling for the 1st time are you surprise that you're good at it?
My brother was the one who kept on insisting to go to Pico de Loro. I never thought or been suspicious that they'll surprise me for my birthday though my birthdays passed days before.
One of the best things i love in Pico de Loro was there chapel. It's in the mountain so the great view of the beach, mountain - nature! was peacful perfect for the chapel. Pico de Loro have service cars, they route all around the place because Pico was so big! It has different condo buildings, places like the beach, country club, hotel and more all in one cove! You will definitely need a car to go to those places. But walking is fine since the place is gorgeous surrounded by the beauty of nature.
I hope you guys experience Pico de Loro too! Highly recommended!

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