Road Lines

9:39:00 PM Marian Faith Regala 0 Comments

Quick Post!!! I must admit that I'm busy this march because finally
I'm Graduating! Yay! I'm excited, scared, and sad - mix emotions actually. Happy and excited because finally I'm graduating, who wouldn't be happy about that? Scared because I'm afraid about finding a job here in Phil. will be difficult. Sad because I'll miss my school days - the days of being just a student. Now as I will face the reality of the working world, I know I will learn more from my superiors and I know I'll do my best to give their expectations. So Good luck to us Graduating Students of 2014! Yay!

The only thing popped in my mind when I wore and fit these pieces was Road Lines - Black and white blocked. The top is so simple yet chic and the shoes! Gosh, the shoes are lovely, isn't it? :)

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