Overnight Getaway

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It was quite a while since I posted again, and honestly I'm busy reading and getting requirements for employment. This holy week I gotten the chance to relax with my family. We didn't bother to get away much out of town. We prefer to stay in a hotel and just have a relaxing time, pamper ourselves and have a swim. We stayed in Millenia Suites just for overnight and it was convenient for us since its near the mega mall and shangri-la mall, we easily go for shopping and dine. That time I was really craving for a swim because gosh, the weather was so intense! It can kill! Lol.

Before I tell you about my outfit that day, which was one of my favorite match, I want to introduce you first to my lovely Cher Bag by TheSatchelDiva inspired by Alexander McQueen Heroine bag! Fab right?! Locally made at its very very best and finest! Yes, I'm totally using exclamations because really it was very nice bag, I love it to death! Lol. It has side zippers which you can conveniently use in alternate looks if you prefer expandable body. The front flap that smoothly goes through the one handle for closure is one of the features that captured me, its so unique like my first reaction was I'M. GETTING. THAT. BAG. no second thoughts! It was very fine. Promise. The material is so good, a leather like Saffiano's. Interior is good too and to top it all its not easily be damage even with heavy load! I got to used it first for overnight party with my New Jersey friends. I usually bring two bags to pack my things, when I decided to use this bag I was surprise I got everything put on it. Of course I use the packing technique for baggage flying in airports but you know being a woman means a lots of stuff needed like the lotion, the toner, makeups, etc. And to be honest I was taught to be a girl scout to bring extra in case this stuff needed, this stuff happen. So all in all I was extremely happy to finally found my bag partner for occasions like this. Its high quality, stylish, classy and unique! Because of its good quality and demand most of the time it ran out of stock quickly. Of course making it in high quality and finest, I got to wait for it for 2 months before I got my hands on it. Actually it was my best friend who got it for me because I was waiting for it for too long that I lost track about it and then the day before graduation I woke with a huge package waiting for me to be signed and here she is so fine and beautiful. Trust me, you would know I'm right the moment you have it in your hands. It was worth waiting for. ;)

Ok, so the outfit - one of my favorite pieces and match made. Crop tops are so trendy this year. Yes I said year because I will never get enough of the crop tops, I love them so much. Plus fashion just goes around as we all aware that the fashion before is the fashion now. Anywaysss, I got it in Nordstorm - Soprano Clothing. Though I'm not sure you can find it in the link given since I got it in the random rack in Nordstorm, LA, USA. Oops that's a little speciffic. Lol.. I love the fruity color of the flowers and leaves that was sewed finely. It makes me think of summer and spring. I got to match it with my heels too which has a birds and gold branches print. Very spring and summer, right? :) What I also love was my  pale pink  Chino shorts from UNIQLO. It was my first time to try their chino shorts. I adored my father's and brothers's chino shorts so I pick the newest came from their edition, I love it much. Very easy with the fine hook closure, I thank it was not buttoned. Wew! And the side pockets, loving its simplicity. It's easy to pair into and perfect for this summer though for me its perfect for our every season - Easy and comfy. Very fine material, casual and classy look!

Whoa! this was a long - full of words - post. hahaha. I hope you'll have a great time. Beat the heat and enjoy! ;)

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