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GUTS. Yes, that's shouty capitals! Not the literally meaning of it, eww! The slang, idiom definition of course. Lol. So..Guts, it takes a lot of guts to carry out a crop top like what I watched at Ebuzz news about the pregnant celebrity wearing a crop top and full circle over the knee length skirt, it takes a lot of courage to wear a crop top and pull it off so damn good! I mean not all ladies can pull off the crop top as good as the ones we see in celebrities, magazines, etc. but then most of us wears it not just because its trendy now but I believe it gives us that feeling of being sexy or breezy especially this summer! But hey, my country is always in tropical climate, how lucky we are right? Lol. I am fond of crop tops that I gone buying more and more. One time I bought one for my friend but then she turn it down saying she can't coz last time she checked she got big belly or bloating stomach and no curves for that matter of clothing. Of course, I didn't believe her! I convinced her to try it out because crop tops are not just meant to show the entire belly! Carefully select your most narrow part, the expose skin will balance everything out and there are a lot of high waist bottoms you can wear now, right? You can even wear loose pants or low cut pants and go to the alternative use of your long sleeves button downs or jackets that you can tie on the hips for cover up and show little skin.
Others told me I'm lucky to have a good body figure which I don't believe in, of course. I got a lot of flaws and I do balancing, that's why. But yeah, I'm lucky in the sense of being easy to gain - easy to loose body type. Does anyone have the same as mine? Before, I eat a lot but never gain weight like I eat heavy all the time and I don't became fat even I want to, its frustrating because I look so thin. They say my metabolism was fast, then time flies I got to the age of 18 - 20 I observe I do now gain weight, I even got fat than what I look like now but I always say, its in the matter of maintaining your figure. I go eat a lot and do minutes of workouts, sometimes I don't when I'm lazy Lol. But I go see curvy/chubby/fat ladies who rock crop tops! I adore them and like I even commented: whooh such curves are so good, way the go to put if off! I admire those who are chubby or fat that can carry a stylish outfits because to me I see it as for them not having boundaries. No limitations in rocking an outfit. Now that's inspiring! 
Again, It all matters to GUTS. Note - confidence! Experiment with crop tops, mix and match to those pieces you're comfortable with. Remember that what you are comfortable with brings the ability to carry the outfit with confident pride and attitude. Keep fun with it, who said dressing up is no fun? Its like making your barbie dreams to life in you.

Crop top: Muradito | Floral buttondown: Crissa | Six pocket jeans: Freego jeans (old) | Belt: F21

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