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What's with the hat? Swag or should I say "Sup"? Nah. I'm pretty sure this is the first time I posted an outfit with a snap-back on. 
Before I go telling about this OOTD, I just want to share to you first how great refurbishing was done to Manila Cathedral! As I am one of the fans of historical places, Intramuros is one of the places I adore because they kept the historical touch in the structures and places within its walls although the traditions and culture here adopted the modernity of manila unlike in Ilocos still the historical walls never fails to make a historical statement. This Cathedral is one of the top must see in Intramuros. It's been closed for two year or so and undergo extensive repairs for restoration and refurbishing. So now it welcomes all the faithfuls into its halls again and it was more beautiful. It was refurbished finely and more elegant. I love the dramatic effect of the lights, it reminds me of huge opera theaters and grand palace of the kings or gods in mythical stories. The dramatic effect of the lights serve to make the details elaborated and the shadows of it made the church's walls more grand - wider, taller, historical and classical like. And the church at night time also a glows beautifully. I'm lucky I live closer and I studied in one of the schools in Intra so I definitely will be visit more often.

Now, about this outfit..well this ootd is about arts and crafts too. 
I gone finding sporty jersey dress and luckily I found this floral, girly 3/4's sleeve ones. Since its been a rain and shine weather this past few days in Manila I figure to wore something that combines the outfits for those weathers - a 3/4 sleeves for rain time coz its gets colder, floral print above knee dress for sunny. 
So let me introduce you the brand behind the dress. I've know Artwork since high school when my dad gave me one of their pink tees with an old candy vending machine print on it. It was pretty cool and artful.
Artwork is one of the leading t-shirt brands in the Philippines dedicated to the young and passionate; a brand that never tires out of pushing the limits of t-shirt fashion and Art. Its Myriad of influences - Arts, Music, and Pop culture -  became the  channel of the Filipino youth finding the meaningful truth by means of design and concept development, guaranteeing the best quality and uniqueness. A complete clothing line for teenagers, it now offers the widest variety of graphic tees--the ultimate T-shirt experience. Artwork is in continual pursuit of the freshest ideas by rethinking and appropriating concepts, birthing out the newest. They even have artwork t-shirt competition where in you'll pass you're own  tee designs and be featured as one of their artist. They give some freebies sometime if you purchase a shopping amount depending on their giving range. I receive a Happy Arteest Ako notebook before, its cover was clothe and has a simple sleek art design. A notebook dedicated to bring out the arteest in you and I completely love to do doodles and drawing with it. So Inspiring and creative. Even there beanies and and bags are pretty. I bought a bag and a shoe before and still now I'm up to buy more of their shirts and beanies.

And one more crafty and art lover shop I love to buy from is Papermelroti. It is a specialty shop which carries a wide variety of gifts and decorative accessories. It touched countless lives through it’s unique product. Their products reflect values and themes which commitment to love of God, family, home, country and the environment. Through years of designing, manufacturing and retailing, papemelroti has become a popular name in the Philippines’ gift and decorative accessories industry. 
That's where I bought my earnings and sometimes inspiring gifts for my love ones. They even have crafty lamps and storage boxes; shelf bars, frames with inspirational quotes, jewelry boxes and more.
Oh, I forgot about the snap-back. It was actually my first time to have a photo wearing this baby. When I was in LA, after being touristy in Hollywood, we gone to some souvenir shops and I found this pink snap-back with LA on it. At first I decided to buy it only because I love LA so much. But then I know I don't wear snapbacks, i figured at least its worth to keep. So now I gone trying it out for this OOTD and here i am not having regrets. Also it reminds me of the fun vibe and happy memories in LA.

Artwork Dress | Papermelroti Earrings | F21 Accessories | Headlines Snapbacks (Bought it in LA)

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