Utterly Enchanting Venice

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I completely forgot to post about this! Oh well, better be late than never. This is one of L.A.'s hidden gems, Venice Canals. ITs one of a must place to visit in L.A. Venice Canals Historical District in a noteworthy known for its man-made canals. It was sought to recreate the appearance of Venice, Italy but in California. The Canals were surrounded by beautiful houses, modern, historical, colorful and artistic houses. Each houses are unique and lovely to see knowing the residents give effort to create and decorate their homes with the Canals. I too would embrace having the Canals in my backyard. It was very refreshing, clean and lovely place. The arched bridges and houses replicates the look of the Venice plus the colorful boats stands like in Venice, Italy's gondoliers. It was a fun place to visit, it would only take 15-20 minutes to go all around the Canals although we took pictures and do more roundabouts so we took longer. I was very thankful to my cousins for taking me here. I somehow felt that I've been in Italy. I even saw a swan! Oh those little things makes me happy.
After in Canals we gone straight to Venice beach and boardwalk. Although it was crowded, its still fun and interesting place. You can spent the time here cycling around or swimming of course. There's an open gym too and courts for basketball, shuffleboard, handball, and paddle tennis. Dine in some restaurants, shop and gawk, and there are street entertainers too! I saw some people with painted faces and tricolor hairdos, funky shops and some really great graffiti art on buildings/shops.
I saw this mystical and enchanting path way while where walking in Venice Canals. This door makes me think of, 'if I go through it will it be Narnia or a Palace?'. Lol. Its beautiful for me.
This place was utterly enchanting. Take your time to walk around the canals  - the architecture, gardens, landscape, everything is just beautiful. It's a great place to spend a few hours strolling around.
After my cousins tour me around the venice we head to this omusubi store, first for me to try it, so good! 
Certainly, I would love to visit to these places again. Sheer charm and beauty, fun and great.

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