3 Ways: Plaid and Blues

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Rain and Shine weather? You don't say...
Here's my alternatives for that rain and shine weather kind of days. 
Its the month of rain again and fortunately sometime sunny too. When the sun shows off after the rain I tend to get feeling hot and sweaty so instead of wearing a sweater, this time I wore halter top and skirt then have my brother's plaid button down long sleeves when the rain-time comes again. I was lucky that i get to shoot for this outfit post because it was raining, you can see some parts of the floor that are still wet. We waited and dine in Patio until the sun shows up again.
3 ways outfit for today with this shades of blues and plaid long sleeves. 
I was going to title this post borrowed from brother but then...nah. So corny. Lol. I've been in love with this plaid long sleeves since I lay my eyes on it. The color is so attracting and rouge. I thought so many different styles with it so you might see it again and again.
So the first way is without the long sleeves. I prefer this for sunny time so its either I stow away the plaid in my bag or tie it on my hips.... :)

Second would be this, with long sleeves and has the buttons open. This for rain time. I hurriedly put them on since its cold again....
And third... This is what I love with over-size shirts or long sleeves, they tend to be too comfy, simple and nice. Too nice actually. Lol.

I hope this helps you to endure that rain and shine weather kind of day/s. What's you're alternative style for this kind of weather?
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