Arrival in Palawan

10:22:00 PM Marian Faith Regala 0 Comments

It's been long since I posted something properly on this blog. 
Anyway, I'm still continuing it and now i will share to you the latest travel that me and boyfriend did but this post is just for introduction...
We arrived in Palawan too early for the normal check in time which is 12 noon. Fortunately, October is not a peak season for summer-to-go-to places like Palawan so the hotel have a lot of vacant room to accommodate us. They let us check in early. Our arrival flight was 7:15 am and there's a shuttle that pick us up going to Ipil Suites. I'll post our whole itinerary on my succeeding post about our Palawan trip and I'll also give you the details as to where you can have the whole package at cheaper price, no worries but to enjoy your trip. ;)
Here's what it looks like in Ipil Suites Puerto Princesa. I didn't have the chance to take a photo of our room because we're super tired due to lack of sleep. We still took our friday work and meet late evening to pack everything else. We only had an hour rest before going to the airport for our 5:45 am flight. The travel time from manila to palawan via plane was 1 hr or so then just a minutes away from airport to the hotel.
We were suppose to have a queen bed but due to that they let us check in early, we didn't complain that we were place in twins bed room. We just moved the beds together so it could be bigger bed and rest for a couple of minutes. Then we had breakfast in 4th floor where you can have a nice view and breathe of fresh air.

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