Day 1: Fireflies in Puerto Princesa

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There are no words on how much we’ve been amaze on the fireflies in puerto!

Firefly watching is one of the must-see and things-to-do in puerto princesa aside from the underground river.  As first timers, we wanna get the best of Palawan in one very packed trip. I mean sardine-ish kinda packed like full-on activities and ample amount of free time. We asked Pinned Travel and Tours to create an itinerary for us. They are also the ones who assist us in our Boracay trip last April so I guarantee they are really good and cheap! I will post the complete details of the itinerary they made for us on a different post.
Anywho, since our pick up time for the tour was 5:00 PM, we had time to stroll the nearby places around Ipil Suites - PPS. Most of the stores are far from walking distance so we had to ride a tricycle. It’s their main mode of transportation. It’s either van or private cars, then the rest are tricycles. Well, they look pretty near a sedan to me. So cool! Lol!

For 10 PHP per pax, we rode to the nearest drug store to buy medicines for my head ache and cold. My boyfriend Daniel, being his usual “awesome-self” (he declared it), talked to the driver to know what are the recommended restaurants that has the famous crocodile sisig, known as one of the must-eat in Palawan. Kuya Driver then pointed that we should try the crocodile sisig in Ugong Rock and bet-cha its near our place! We could have tried it right then and there but it’s already 4:50 PM.
We were picked up by a van with the other tourists. It was a 20-30 minutes ride going to the City Baywalk. City Baywalk is like Roxas blvd. here in Manila but nicer, cleaner and kids can play around safely (Sorry, I don't have a picture huhu..) They have lots of street foods, seafood paluto and more. Tourists can just chill and drink there by the bay. After all, it’s the cleanest city in the philippines! 
We took a short stroll in the baywalk while waiting for the other tourists. I saw a lady that sells balot, penoy, and chicharon. I ordered penoy but my boyfriend didn’t want some. I forced him to taste it and he liked it. He said it’s not penoy but hard boiled egg instead. So we argued and he lost, he always do. Hehehe!
(Look at that, so huge! Amazing!)
(Fresh crab and big too!)
(They call this the Unicorn fish, hah!)
(And look at these, they have beaks! Wtf! This is the first time I saw those fishes, I am not aware we have those! Lol)

 We went to the floating boat for our buffet dinner, more seafood and meat plus a live folk acoustic music. After eating, the band started opening the mic for tourists who would want to sing. One confident lady swooped in, singing while playing the guitar. I did sing too after her, haha!
We went back to our boat to continue with the firefly watching. Our tour guide mentioned that we will be transferring to a smaller, but faster boat. As we shorten the distance between the boats, it keeps getting darker and darker until it was pitch black. This made me feel like we are entering in a deep creepy horror movie. Our tour guide is very knowledgeable and entertaining which made the tour so much more than just firefly watching. We weren't able to take some pictures because we're so caught up in amazement of our surroundings and interaction with the fireflies. They actually react to sound! like when you said hello, i love you and what-no they light up in unison, you could think they were christmas lights and glitters in a amazing, natural way. I could have wished there were more of them. Absolutely stunning! Also as to our guide fireflies live in abundance among the mangroves, which are perfectly situated along the banks of the Sicsican and Iwahig Rivers and they are very friendly and lovely. Maybe I don’t see more fireflies around here in Manila but honestly, this is the first time that I saw lots of them. The 45-minute trip in the river was definitely worth it. We did not know what to expect. Its really a must see in Puerto princesa.
It would be a perfect place for a romantic dinner date surrounded by fireflies. Lol, but of course that's not possible. Me and Daniel would remember this for the rest of our lives. We even joke about fireflies whenever we see trees that has lots of decorated lights. :'D

This is what I wore for the firefly watching day. I feel lucky finding this dress from Chicabooti. Good find!

Happy reading! Thanks ;)

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