Day 2: Underground River

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Puerto Princesa’s pride is easily the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River or most commonly called the Underground River, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the 7 Wonders of Nature.

For this tour we were advice to be ready by 6 am. Unfortunately, our van arrived late due to miscommunication of the staff of the hotel. She advised us too early when the tour guide told her that the pick-up time will be 7:30 am since they have to pick-up others from the airport. We waited 2 hours total coz we woke earlier than 6am for our breakfast.
The drive took 2 hours at least going to Dano port area where “Bangkas” would take us to the side shore where the cave is. We were instructed to have lunch first due to the long line of registration in reserving a “Bangka”. 
There were 6 of us from our tour group that rode the “bangka” plus the driver and paddler. The ride was … well good. Can’t say its calm waters due to the wind and bit rain but it was still enjoyable. I was reprimanded by my boyfriend to keep the iphone tucked in safely in his waterproof bad but no, I didn’t listen. Hehehehe. It was fun-crazy ride!
And here we are in the flat soft surface of the sands! We're alive!!! :D
(Selfie pa more)
We also wore life vest and helmets. Life vests are also important for this ride because the waters are really deep once you get inside. Boyfriend volunteered to hold the light for the cave tour guide so we sat in front. There are 8 of us tourist and 1 bangka driver slash the Tour guide, Ta-dah! Cheers to the new friends we met in this tour!
Taking of pictures inside are allowed however your camera must have a really good flash. It was absolutely pitch black inside and also you sure have to be ready to have it wet! There are mineral waters dripping and some are just.. warm or a bit sticky? due to the bats also pees! If the water is cold its mineral but when it’s a bit warm, oh you know you had it hahaha! Also keep your mouth shut whenever looking up at the bats or the ceilings, just to be sure you won’t be the one going home with one of the unforgettable experience in the underground was got drunk with bat’s pee or worst their poops! ;)
You will encounter different rock formations inside the cave and there are sections of known characters, vegetables, and the sacred and most beautiful of all are the holy family.
As to our tour guide The river is 8.2-kilometer river and known to be the longest navigable underground river in the worl. To the St. Paul Underground River Cave, and then goes out into the South China Sea. The journey through the cave system alone is 24 kilometers long. 
 The tour guide was very funny and entertaining. He’s very knowledgeable and funny. Yes, I compliment again he’s funny. 
(Holy Family)
(Half face of Jesus)
(Three Kings)

After the underground tour we head to the quarter’s facility, washed our feet and have a restroom. I’ll take this opportunity to let other people know that the Palawan community is the CLEANIEST place I’ve ever been so far in Ph. It never seize to have me in awe with their hospitable people and clean facilities. They don’t ask payments for restrooms, you can give donations or not but who wouldn’t?! It was so damn clean and they will provide you soaps and tissues and friendly clean bathrooms that smells nice. I say this because I’ve been to bora and hundred islands, and clean facilities and hospitable people of Palawan can’t be compared to them. They won’t ask much and they will be more willing to serve you more and fair. I thank Palawan for making me proud of the Philippines’ nature and hospitality.

Going back in the Danao port was exhausting. The waves were so HUGE! That was one of the scariest rides I ever had in my life and I was very happy that we survived those waves or it would had been tragic like the ones we saw along back. Their boat sank and luckily the passengers have been transferred immediately. When we got back and set foot in Danao port the tours have been suspended due to the risk of the waves. We were very fortunate that we had that tour before suspension or I’ll go back in manila regretful coz we only have 2 days left and the next itinerary is for el nido so we only have one shot in everything. Unless we planned another come back tour but I have more places to go to in mind hehe. 
It was very fun and really have to be there and have a tour for yourself because there's no words to describe how great God created the wonders of the world.

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