Day 3: Trekking in El Nido

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Get ready coz this is a looooooooooooong post!

When it comes to trekking I never count myself in, but me and Daniel didn't have any choice. We were booked and scheduled for El Nido Tour A via Pinned Travel and Tours. If your familiar with the different tour packages in El Nido, tour A and D are the popular ones since its all about sea based tour like beach hopping and snorkeling but since the weather was not in our favor (month of October) we were moved to have a tour E instead which is a land base tour. It was such a bummer for us coz we got ourselves in El nido to see & experience the lagoons! Daniel and I swore we'll be back for the tour A and D some other year in summer months.
We still proceed with the tour E, we don't want to waste being in El nido by not attaining anything hehe. We took a ride via van with other tourist going to Nacpan beach. Its known to be one of the peaceful beach in El Nido. Since its in the Northern part of the town its not visited much by tourist. Its the best place to unwind if you want total seclusion. Its completely undeveloped and isolated beach.
Below is the kubo where we had our lunch which is included in our tour ;)

Some scenic boats of the beach.
Also, Nacpan beach has another twin beach called Calitang beach. We gone all the way up the mountain to view the twin beaches.
Next was the big thing, trekking for an hour all the way to Nagkalit-Kalit Falls. We passed by some villagers, rice fields... 

This is our local tour guide. I forgot his name but again, Im amazed by Palawan's people.
Very knowledgeable and excellent english speaking skill. I'm in awe of their dedication and hard-work. 
Muddy jungle trails.. As to our guide we'll cross 9 rivers to get to the falls and it was like an achievement for me every time we reach a river, I was counting! haha. 
We advice you guys to wear aqua shoes coz you'll have your feet wet and most of the ime you'll walk on some stones and muds, better to be safe. Surprisingly I manage to handle and enjoyed it haha! 
Swear, nkaka wala talaga sya ng poise! haha look how I am carrying the bag at the back of my shoulder!
(Photo below) It's like a trail going to the light...
It was exhausting, this is how blurry my sight was sometimes but then finally, the Falls..
some species we saw along our tour. Do you see the snake? We don't know what fish was that on the second photo though.
Unexpectedly, we end up enjoying the trek and it was a good achievement. We were rewarded by the amazing waterfalls, the great experience and a true back to the nature experience.
A big credit and thanks to my awesome/handsome/macho (even though its somehow like a dad bud)/spectacular boyfriend! :*

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