El Nido Zipline

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To fly is like a freedom to seize and admire the world you live in.

I'm one of those people who utterly adore the beauty of God's creation. I'm always impressed with His creativity in His miracles and reminds me how wonderful it is to live. Have you ever felt flying? There are tons of extreme activities available to feel like flying. One of it is El Nido's 750 meters long ZIPLINE.
After the trekking, we were so glad to be back in the van and have some rest. We moved to another destination- the Maremegmeg beach where you can swim and hang around lang. Sadly, the waves are not in our favor and there are seaweeds on the shore. On our way back, our group saw an ad of the El nido zipline so we became crazy for it even if we just got back from trekking! Our guides are asking if we’re sure coz it will be like going up a mountain again but in a shorter time. I don’t know what or how but we all decided to go. Upon our walk in the path way, we were surprised to see a really muddy ground like squishy, wet, brown mud and our foot literally soak in it. I was decided to go back because I’m dead tired but Daniel kept saying we’re already halfway there. When we got passed the muddy path we were faced with the bigger challenge, the pathway up the mountain. When I saw how slippery and exhausting it will be, I was about to cry. I hated myself for getting myself there that time but I had no choice. If I go back, I will walk the long muddy path again. Same thing! It's tiring so I just go on with my shaky legs and I am greatly thankful to my boyfriend for handling my temper very well. He encouraged and comforted me along the way. It was very hard climbing all the way up because the mud is wet that time due to the rain. Very. Very. Exhausting.. But then, upon reaching the top, we were rewarded by the nature’s beauty.
I sat immediately and just admire the view. All that exhaustion had been washed and I'm glad we made it. After getting my energy charged, I gone too excited for the zipline. I kept teasing Daniel coz he’s not into heights but I’m thankful he’s up for it. Lols 

The end point is on another island. You have 2 options, Sitting position: Php 500 one way, Php 900 two-way. Then, Superman position: Php 700 one way and Php 1,100 two-way. Since its almost dawn and the batch before us took too long for the operators of the zipline to get back at the other end we left with only one choice, one way only. Me and Daniel decided to go with the sitting position because boyfriend is paranoid that our carry-on things will fall and he’s holding the dslr so…yeah. 
And this is how stiff and funny it was to go down from the end point. The gaps of the stairs are not for me, i'm short and my limbs?! oh my limbs... My boyfriend made fun of me that time and he was laughing so hard. Oh, memories... :)
Going back was just a few minute walk to the Maremegmeg beach. Since its low tide naman we crossed by the sea going to the shore where we watch the sunset.

It was memorable, overwhelming exhaustion, and crazy experience. It made me reflect on the realities of life like the things you never want to do most will make you see that even if it looks hard there's a great deal of success and rewards than your fears. You just have to keep pushing and hustling hard. Life is truly a great adventure and I'm up for more. El Nido is such a wonderful paradise and it have so much more to offer making us proud of what we, Filipinos have. Help to keep its nature preserve and clean. We will come back for more and we will never get enough of it. It surely a place to miss most.

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