Sip & Gogh: Valentines Surprise

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 I was missing the artistic side of me. Due to busy work schedules, I don't have a time anymore even just to draw or read coz when I get home it's all the bed for rest that matters.

Last Valentines my boyfriend set a surprise fun activity date for us. Throughout the week he gives hints as to where and what it will be. “It’s something you’re good at but as to my part I’m not sure”, he said as one of his hints. “It will be muddy so you have to wear comfy clothes”, he hints although I didn’t believe him. Especially when he said “Its laser tag” I know he’s bluffing. Ahaha! I was giddy and excited. So when the day came I was really thankful and happier than I deserve! Lol.
We were checked in at Azumi boutique hotel (I’ll post about our stay after this post). As to Daniel, our date is just in perfect location since it’s just a walking distance from the hotel. The day before we check-in I was very curious as to where it will be. I figured in Molito and has to do something with the huge red Ad. But upon reading, it nothing to do with his hints, “nah, better let him be haha”.
Daniel scheduled us February 13 at 7pm. We already had an early dinner before going to the place. I wasn’t aware of things on the second floor of the Molito mall till I saw, and was surprised and amazed at the same time, that there is a Sip & Gogh I Alabang. All I knew was that It’s in Quezon city and we put it in our to-go-to list as one of our goal places to experience. And I can’t believe it! I am very and truly happy.

Sip & Gogh is the latest place to go to. Most of you heard and been to their place in QC. This branch in Alabang was a franchised and just newly opened in Molito. Now people in the South have their own Gogh!
All guests do not need to bring anything when they visit as it focus on painting session. All art materials are included like paint, brush, easel and apron, and a one on one assistance from the in-house artists. The instructors are all graduates of Fine Arts and have been trained to supervise for the sessions and workshops. What's more is that you'll have a one fine wine of your choice and a set plate of cheese and salami served while you're painting. Very nice and chill, aiy?
Tadaaaah! There's my work!
 You can choose to re-make one of their paintings and the instructor will help you through it. I love painting and i adore paint from different painters. I'm more on abstract vibe and perspective but I use hands to paint (Yes, I'm weird. I know. Lol). I didn't need much supervision, they actually let me be at my first stroke. Seriously! haha! Daniel on the other hand is a first-timer so the instructor focus on him. He did a pretty great job on his first time. Proud girlfriend!
Below are their wines. You can choose from red wine (La Princepessa) to pink sweet wine (La Passione) and to white sweet wine  (La Passione). I chose the white wine and it's very delish! An order of another glass of the wine cost Php 250.00. I regret not choosing the pink wine though. I haven't had a pink whine before.

You can buy a bottled wine if you wish and they have other souvenirs like the tumble with a whine glass inside (Very cool! Thumbs up!) and shirts even the aprons. They also sell frames for your canvas coz you get to take home your work. Your masterpiece, a great accomplishment! ;)
See the woman in green? (Photo above). She's the owner of the branch and she interacts with everyone. It's enjoyable to talk to her and she's a delight in encouraging too! :D
Price vary depending on the type of session you'll take so take a look on their website first before visiting. Ours is Php 1,000.00 each.
Here's the owner and we had some groupie with her team! Better took a selfie or groupie with them they would really love and appreciate it. It's super fun with them.
Even the packaging for your canvas is so artistic and unique!
This is how happy I am that day. So candid shot by Daniel though. Lols..
  Sip & Gogh’s aim is a new and a unique place to relax and have fun. Unleash the artist in you! No regrets!
2/F Unit 5, Molito 3, Madrigal Avenue corner Alabang-Zapote Road,
Alabang, Muntinlupa City, Philippines
Landline Number: +63 2 802 1543
Mobile Number: +63 915 267 5672
Operating Hours:
Closed on Monday
Tuesday to Friday: 1:00PM - 9:00PM
Saturday: 10:00AM - 10:00PM
Sunday: 10:00AM - 6:00PM

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