Mezzanine El Nido

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If you're up to an Italian dish, a half-dozen varieties of pizza, and a stylish, sophisticated resto in El Nido 
here is one of the must try place to go to.

(Apologies, this is a late post.) 
After our tiring trekking Daniel and I gone exploring places near our hotel. We end up having a foot massage because we deserve it! Hell, yeah! Lol. (Trekking is really a tiring activity.) Afterwards I gone shopping for "pasalubong" for my family and friends then Daniel found this amazing restaurant!
We actually don't know where the entrance was because there's no signage but then we saw a signage at the side of the resto that shoes should be left there, outside so we figure the entrance must be on the side. We left our slippers outside, I am not worried that someone might take it because folks in Palawan, base on our experience, aren't like that. They are very well kind and hospitable. So anyway, I was a bit shy walking without my slippers, I'm bothered that we might had it wronged haha but when we entered we face a bar place then greeted by a friendly staff who asked us to proceed upstairs. It was a cozy place and just, ugh.. gorgeous. Great ambiance and good view. We're lucky there aren't much people that time because its also late haha. 
Daniel ordered wine first. I forgot the name of the wine, sorry ;) and then we ordered Quattro stagioni pizza and Carbonara.
I am so impressed with their food! God, I will never forget its unique taste. Never ordinary, I swear. The carbonara, so bursting taste! So balanced and creamy. And the pizza, its really a must buy. Their pizzas are their specialties and I tell you, you'll never get enough. Yum!
So here I am without slippers hehe. Its a clean place, fyi.

I strongly recommend that you try the food and chill at Mezzanine El Nido. Put it in your itinerary when you go to El Nido.

Happy Travel! xx

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