The Heat Is On

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I’m dying to get my healthy lifestyle back on track, but sometimes it’s so hard.

It's so hard to balance workout (this includes the healthy diet) and work especially when your extra time is consumed by your travel time to get home, I always end up snugged in my bed dog-tired. It’s quite refreshing to get back on track and being able to just rest, have endless movies/Korean drama series (Lol, fan of DOTS here!), and man, I manage to update this blog like did some tweaks on some stuff then simplified, and update the site’s look (in case you haven’t notice! Lol).

Currently, I’m obsess with trousers. Like really, they are life savers for errands. Especially with Manila’s heat rising? It sucks to roam around even in the afternoon so it's a must to be comfortable and be versatile in what we wear. I manage to end up in semi-casual corporate look. I top it off with a tucked-in light weight button-down shirt which I tied-out eventually when we headed to the mall, then added the hat (a very essential piece this summer) and I just wore flats. Y’know how time changes. I’m more sensible now- which means Comfort-1 Fashion-0. Seriously, that’s why I wore trousers than skirt. Gone loving flats now too, reserving the high heel and pain in my feet for special “worthy” occasions or when I feel wearing so.

Here I give you guys a reminder of the few important tips to beat off summer's heat and to be less prone to heat stroke:

1. Wear loose-fitting clothes. Light-weight clothes are a must this summer for the air-free freshness to get in.
2. Avoid being outdoors between 12 noon to 3 pm. This is the usual time of high heat.
3. If it's really necessary for you to go out, have your heat essentials with you: Umbrella, hat, sun glasses, and "pamaypay".
4. ALWAYS stay hydrated. Drinking lots of water. It will help you to keep on being fresh and healthy so drink as much often. I'm not a fan of water before, I gone from being a less water girl to more water girl now because it's damn hot in our country. 

I’m so excited for next week’s travel where we will be heading again to Boracay for 2016 Skyathon run then just have a nice chill by the beach where the heat is definitely on! 
Until-then, happy summer vacation you’guys and hope you’re beating the heat off big time! ;)

Photo shots credit to boyfriend, Daniel. Thanks love, you're the best!

Trousers: Mango | Button-down top: Uniqlo | Hat: Surplus | Watch: Timex | Tote: Longchamp 

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