Azure Urban Resort

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Sometimes, we just need to take a break.

HALLOOO GUYS! Lots of you are familiar with Azure Urban Resort already, and who wouldn't? I mean, this is one of the top places to be especially to those like me who only have weekends to spare a rest (I'm very lucky to have that). Azure is popular by its man-made beach and frankly, it is almost like the sand in Bora but... still Bora has the natural. Nothing can beat that. So anyways, my friend, Rizza, a budget-wise and know-it girl shared the information about this amazing place. Since most of us, my family, her, and I, are all are working and are on-budget spenders but wanted to have a grand staycation we end-up celebrating it here in the charm of the metro.
Since it's within the city, it's easy to access and better yet, less travel time. We found an agent in that handles the units of the residents for rent. Riz contact her and had 2 units with 2 Bedrooms for 3 days 2 night. Upon arrival we were met by the agent and the owner of the room then endorsed us to have access for the amenities of the resort. Sadly, not all are allowed to be use like the theater for that matter. Only the residents, saaad. But, nevertheless, this is the place to be for that "sometimes, we just need a break" moments.
So! I found this blue stripe crop top on Chicabooti boutique and since crop bikinis are trend this year, I figure to have it in very much use this summer. I am so in love with this top. 

Ps. I am either confident or so relaxed in that particular picture. Maybe a little of both. Hehe. Thank you to my boyfriend for the good shoots of these photos. As always, you're the best!

Crop top: Chicabooti | Hat: Surplus | Short: gift from sister

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