Pale n' Killin' It

2:17:00 AM Marian Faith Regala 0 Comments

Stressful days make it all pale!

This is totally me inconsistent for blogging. And thank goodness I manage to post something now, finally! I did try not to miss last weekend for blog post but there are tones of going on in my life right now. Daniel and I just moved-in so we can less the hassle going to work; Last week we bought and bring some stuff to our new unit; Then my parents house too are having some renovations so the things in my room are all pilled up; I haven't yet moved my other stuff to our unit; And just last Thursday I started working. Very productive days, I tell you, and it's great! So all the hustlin', counting the all the stressful situation too, here I am still killin' it!!! Lol....
So yea, this is all I can post right now. So random styling for stressful day/s, all for errands.

I'm still trying to cope up in my new work. Hope I can sneak a day next weekend for relaxation or just an hour or two at the gym and pool. Really need it. haha.
Hope you're having a blast and productive day too!!!

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