Surprise date at Milkbox

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Have you heard of "Wonuts" and "Cwazy" Milkshakes?

I am a sugar addict. I won’t complain if I have dessert first than the meal or just have dessert for the whole meal! Lols.
I can’t riddle my thought of how to describing this place. All I know was I am so happy, this place is heaven for me (Eyes glimmers in soft and delight with everything in slow motion).
It was a week after my birthday when my boyfriend surprise me a lot in one day. And this is the last stop he brought me to. Imagine, we were typically walking in Town (mall), and I just keep on blabbing and blabbing to him about things. Upon getting to the escalator going down (I am still chatting to him) and the first step I got off,  I suddenly stop my tracks and everything got slow-mo! (Literally the people behind us stop as well and just passed by me, I’m sorry but I’m buoyant) Seconds of glancing to the boutique of Milkbox my thought are mixed with “oooh... that, what’s that”, “I like that place”, “I better tell it to him”... And then it hit me, he was waiting for my reaction, waiting for me to sink it in, acting so damn natural all along and then so happily smiling! He pulled me out of the way and led me near the freaking Milkbox! My reaction? Like a kid that you brought to toy store. I was so thankful and so happy with his surprise. It was one of the best moments! Freakin’ awesome.
Milkbox serves specialty coffee, ice cream, and waffles and is the home of ‘Wonuts’ and ‘Cwazy’ Milkshakes. If you haven’t heard of it, guys IT’S A MUST TO GO TO!
Earl Grey and Almond Wonut (P230) with Cereal milk scoop of ice cream (P90)
"Cwazy" Milkshake (P245)
 Bacon jam & Cream Cheese Waffle Sandwich (P250)
The price of the food is worthy for its goodness. If you’re not a dessert addict like me, worry not, because their serving is good for sharing. I am a sheer selfish when it comes to dessert soooo, yeah i can have one order each (Lol, haft kidding with shoulder shrugged). 
In case you’re wondering, the Wonut is a combo of Waffle and a Donut. Both tender and crunchy, which is a blast! Yummers! And the milkshakes, definitely will make you CWAZZZY!!! It comes with choco sticks and a slice of waffle, top with wiped cream. Ice cream is exclusively made by FIC for Milkbox. A sip is not enough! 
The bacon sandwhich & cream cheese is one of the best too. The salad siding with tomatoes & mangoes, and sizzle of sweet flavored water sorcery is the perfect balance for it. We will definitely be back to try the skillet ones and sizzling match that are new to their menu.

Lower Ground Level, New Wing, Alabang Town Center, Alabang,
Operating Hours: Monday - Friday: 11:00 am-9:00 pm, Saturday - Sunday: 10:00 am-9:00 pm
Contact: +63 999 884 0624
Payment method: Cash Only

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