Waist Away

4:47:00 AM Marian Faith Regala 0 Comments


Plain top and printed bottoms are standard. I guess the only difference I got at this is… those are damn men’s shorts! Styling goes to no end! Men’s shorts/boxers work as high waist shorts too, you know. Lol.
This serves for one purpose – comfort. Effortless look is my aura style these past few days so its comfort without having to sacrifice style. “No tiis ganda muna” hahaha

This outfit is good to go for casual days and summer. Aw, I miss summer.
Have you gone to Miniso yet? The Japanese liefstyle store just like Muji with cross of Daiso. I came across with that simple gold secretary wallet and I just can't help myself not to buy it. It's the same color with my iphone, darn it! I was so happy I bought it. Lol 
Also, I've been loving pep-heel kinda shoes. Whether its a heals or flats, I'm into it now.

Let me know what other style you can think of with men's wardrobe.

Shorts: Tommy Hilfiger | Flats: H&M | Bag: Liz clairborne : Watch: Times | Wallet: Miniso

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