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The perfect gift with a cause.

Hope you guys had a wonderful holiday with your love ones. Christmas this year was heavenly joyful and full of giving of love. And to that, I want to share to you guys one of our gift to our love ones (and to ourselves hihi) that we stumble when were having our last minute gift shopping for Christmas. 
My eyes feast at these lovely and simple watches with the price of Php 250.00 each! Not only that, in every purchase you get to help patients with cancer! Who would ever think it wasn't a perfect gift? You get to purchase a good quality watch worth 250.00 and you get to help others! Tell me, who would not want that! Lol. I even purchase for myself and Daniel.
These watches are named Life Saver Watch. There are many colors. In fact, they also sell shirts and bags.
LoveHopeFaithGroup (LHP) aspires to be an inspiration and a channel to empower a movement for us to be in reach and to widen our helping hand to cancel patients through cause-oriented enterprise The said group aims to give joy and hope by providing an affordable products and giving them back to the community for the betterment of everyone. 
Fifty percent of the net proceeds from the purchases of LHF products will be donated to its causes.
 I strongly recommend these products as a gift to your love ones and to yourself as we all can make a difference even little by little. That is where we can start making a better life - by saving others.
I chose this Turquoise watch. And I believe they are the best seller. Then, I bough the black for Daniel, which I can also use from time to time. Haha! 
 I love how simple yet fun this watches are. And I love how put their group's name with it as a unique detail of the watch. Also, the Life Saver as the watch logo? Hands-down, the #feels.
 I am prideful with the group's aim and I am prideful purchasing their product because I know somehow, even a little, we helped. So now, I posted this to reach in to you hoping to move you too in helping others as it will also move others around you to reach and help our community.
Re-quoting from LHF group, "Together, we can all save lives."
Love Hope Faith
(02) 434.3268; (02) 342.2269; (63) 917.8884516
IG: lovehopefaithgroup
FB: https://www.facebook.com/lovehopefaith.group
#36 Anonas St. Quirino 2b Project 2 Quezon City.
Open from Mondays-Fridays 9AM to 5:30PM

{Disclaimer: The above post is not a paid ad.}

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