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The no. 1 go-to beauty destination in the Philippines.

It's a privilage to be handpicked as one of the bloggers to test their new and improved website.
I know you ladies have known BeautyMNL ever since it existed. If you're one of the few who don't, BeautyMNL offers so much just by seeing their main page. I am telling you ladies, you will be overwhelmed! You’ll be overly joyed and excited because you know this is it - Its hauling time!
This site offers a wide selection of brands, from local to popular and korean ones.

What made the BeautyMNL's site unique? You will be pampered by their site's product recommendations, articles about beauty tips, and insight to products. One of the things that I also took note is the ease tin navigating through the website. 

And if you're in doubt if that product has good pigmentation, or if the consistency is smooth, or if it's good for your skin type, fret not. Every product page you look into has a review section below it.
Very convenient, right? That's one of the things i love about their site!

Still not convinced to that product? BeautyMNL’s got you, check out their main Review Page from best rated, to most wait-listed by real-life customers. (Wink!)

Now if you’re looking for a certain name, please also take note that they have a Brands List so we girls won’t have a hard time. Again, these are for us ladies!

Did I mention that they offer 32 Korean brands as well? (Sweet!)
(Photo owned by beautyMNL site)

I was intrigued by Korean products and decided to check what I could buy hoping I could finally try Banila Co. or Innisfree. Hihi! So upon going through the selections, I was so caught on the Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Powder. Then, I saw the other version which is the Innisfree No Sebum Blur Powder. I was like, what the heck, I don’t know which one best suits me. Going through the reviews, I end up knowing that it’s a very light weight powder that gives best oil control and finish ever. The difference of the two? The green one is the 1st version which is white powder while the white one (blur) is the 2nd version that has a tan colored powder. Both controls oil and maintains moisture on your face. The blur though gives soft-focus effect. 
 This is the first time I’m gonna try the three products that I bought. So, these are the Innisfree No Sebum Blur Powder, the Clarifying Witch Hazel Facial Mist and the Suesh Choose Your Own Palette Concealer & Corrector Pots that I saw in their top sellers and recommendations.

Now, I know us gurls always up for more. So for fun and insightful articles, go check the Bloom Magazine page for their daily fresh news about makeup tricks from beauty gurus, what’s new and celeb look, and beauty / skin secrets. Bloom Magazine helps us in knowing what are the do’s and don’ts for our skin and how to maintain that blooming look because gurl, blooming moment is not just for those who just moved on, it’s an everyday #GlowGoal! 

 Same goes for the registration, it’s very swift. They have added the tabs like features, skin tone, and skin type so they could know what to recommend for you.
For improvement:
The little thing I did note for improvement of the site is the frequent pop-out of the "sign up today”. I guess it’s just too frequent and a bit annoying when I was reading. I didn’t login that time (I do have an account already) and I know it’s for engaging the new beauties out there. It’s just that it’s too frequent IF you are still not logged in. Makes me think, ‘I’m hooked at the article I’m reading, it’s disturbing”. But yeah, it’s just a little recommendation to adjust a bit.
I personally base my online shopping to the clarity of the information in the site when it comes to the product details and the servicing team behind it. So, I take note of those with good delivery and customer service if an issue or question arise.
BeautyMNL offers a “guarantee - next day” delivery to Metro Manila addresses and 5 to 7 working days for the rest of the Philippines. Monday to Friday between 9AM to 5PM. Since the people behind this beautiful shop do need some beauty rest too, they don’t deliver on weekend and holidays. Which is understandable, that’s my rest time too.
The shipping fee within MM is Php 50.00 and for the rest of the country, Php 150.00. Please take note that the fees above are flat rate, so no restrictions on how many or how heavy those product are! Better keep hauling girl!
And if you already signed up and have a total purchase of 2,000.00 worth, the shipping is free! ;)
Once you’ve finish to the ordering process, you will receive an order acknowledgement to your email. That’s when the 24 hour delivery countdown begins.
Worse comes to worst, if it took more than 5 days, you can follow up by giving them a call at 
+63 906 271 2665 or email them at
For more details, you can go to their FAQ section.

The first time I ordered, I was surprised to receive the product the next day. I did not know that time that they could do it that fast! And the second time, I ordered the night before the day of our flight. I think that was around 7 to 9 pm when I placed my order and the product came next day around 4pm. Whew! Great save! That time I needed to be in NAIA by 6PM because our flight is 7:45. Since then I am so impressed by their service even to the product packaging. Everything is safely packed and sealed especially the glass ones with liquids. I love checking every now and then and go gaga shopping!
Did I mention I'm following them on social? Because I'm updated, I just ordered Nyx Lingerie in Exotic. It has a freebie of Nyx soft matte lip cream in shade of Berlin. Haha! Go follow them to keep you posted on their promos! ;)

Instagram: @beautymnl

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