Meet the One

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I am happy to finally found the one.

It's very visible that the trend of jumpsuits, rompers, and playsuits never stops. They are come-backs working their way through the formal to casual affairs. Clothes like this are very versatile! 
I wore it white sleeveless to give away breeze coz its damn hot plus the jumpsuit is black. I also pair it with nude striking heels to give a bit of edgy vibe. 
The downside though is when you have to go to the bathroom. Like really, struggle is real girl. Mej #tiisganda ba? Lol..... Even though, I'll be sashing for more!

This jumpsuit is from Mango. I did not take my eyes out of it since the day I saw it. As you can see to the title of this post, I finally found the one - one suit that exudes much sass with accents of binder shoulder straps to compliment its solid hue.
Finally, if you're not into heels for a day then always bring flats with you. This white slip-on flats that I bought from Zalora is so feminine vibe and laid back! You don't know how I am so obsessed with these. They are so unique with its twisted bow. I mean, there is no room form mistake on these babies. The pair is for go-to-everyting shoes. 
And this is how I end this blog post! Be crazy and happy, always!

| Photo credit to Daniel Redula |
Thank you! xx

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