Dare To Bare

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Obsessing over off shoulder tops
(Disclaimer: all photos are taken with my phone. Apologies if they look grainy)

Oh summer, I miss my summers by the beach. 
This year, we haven't gone to boracay like we used to because we are saving for our out of the country trip. Yay! Can't wait to share that to you guys but I won't further spoil it now. Haha. So going back, I was a bit sad for not seeing the beach this year. It feels like I did not savour the summer! BUT,  I am still lucky because I am born and living in a tropical country so summers are all year round. Lol. And my friends are planning a beach trip this coming August so yeah, I am pretty catching up.
I was thinking of my summer when I found this lovely off-shoulder top online. As to my boyfriend, my eyes sparkled and he immediately knew I found something that I want. HAHAHA! And bcoz we did not go to boracay I told to myself, to compensate that I did not have beach trip, I am going to have this! Its freakin' summer! Lol.
Actually, I don't usually choose off-shoulders like this because they remind me of tube tops just with sleeves. And I am conscious with tube tops. How can I explain further? Well way back, I think it was highschool, I tried tube tops and it didn't look good on me. It made me conscious, I swear! And for me it makes my side boobs fatty (shame). That time I think tube tops are just not for me. Fast forwarding to present, I only buy the straight accross off-shoulder tops, so technically this is the first time I bought separate sleeves off-shoulder top like this, and gosh, I am obsess! They look so chic!
Separate sleeve off shoulder tops are more comfortable than straight across. Ay teh, tiis ganda ka sa straight across because everytime you reach something above or just gonna tie your hair, tataas din yung damit. Lalo na yung garterized off shoulder - damn, you have to put it back down every time and your arms should remain downward or at certain level kasi aangat at aangat siya. Lol. But hey, these are just my experiences and I cannot speak for general. So going back, unlike this type of off shoulder top you have a separate slot for your arms so it's easier to move.

What I currently obsess with also are clothes with flare or ruffle designs. I am now swearing by them! This top is flare/ruffle design. It gives you more shape to upper body so it makes you waist look slim coz the attention will be focus on the upper part.
I am currently obsessed with these type of off shoulder so I will be hoarding for more! And more flare/ruffle dresses, tops, and pants too! I am having a hard time to find the perfect flare of pants or the pants with ruffle design at its ankle? If you knew some, please comment below the brands or online shops that have them.
So you, do you dare to bare? Are you also obsess with off shoulder tops? Let me know at the comment section below! ;)

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