Photo Diary: Travel in Japan

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It's been 2 years since the last time I traveled outside Philippines. Going to this place was Daniel's family yearly plan and this year I got to come with them.
It's a not quite long process, I was blessed to be assisted by his parents for the visa application. Thank you Tita and Tito!
The saving part was long due to we have long preparation for this as the tickets were bought last December 2016.
We flew to Japan last May and yes, I'm just posting it now. Lol. Well, I got so stuck at my work and don't have enough time to squeeze the editing and all. Anyways, the cliche "better be late than never" applies in this. Haha!
We flew by 12:40 am and arrived around 6 am.
If you were following me in IG, I was update in ig stories that time.

The weather that time was so nice, it's cold and yet sunny. Japan is a clean and peaceful country.
Tokyo is beautiful! Its such a good scenery to look at even its their capital city.
I love walking to their street because I don't worrying much that might step into a garbage or worst poop. And its so clean! My gosh, its so fresh and lovely. I really really love walking around Tokyo. Everything is well organized and convenient! Everyone abides to their road/street rules!
What more is people are kind and doesn't care if you take dozen of selfies/picture! What more you want from that? Lol ;)
Most japanese have their bikes and their main transportation is train/subway. It's very convenient and friendly to tourist (I'll tackle this on upcoming post).
Oh, I forgot to mention, since we've arrive early our check-in will still be later in the afternoon. So we had plenty of time to walk around the city of Asakusabashi. We check the the stores near us, restaurant and train stations near us. 
By the time we got back to the hotel for our rooms, I was pretty oily and wanted to have a nice bath. I was excited to try their bowl too hahaha!
Our micro room is very neat and friendly. It has enough space to meet our needs and cozy to sleep in. 
After a nice bath and a little rest, we head out again to find a place for family dinner. 
We even tried this waffle-like fish shape with red bean filling. I was so obsessed with it! Like my everyday in Japan, it's a must have. Like a toll-gate pass as per Daniel (our inside joke). Oh my, I miss it so much :(
Again, even in the small streets in Asakusabashi there are pretty scenic spots that I can't help but to be wowed to their city.

To maximize our day, Daniel and I set our way at night to Asakusa at Don Quixote. 
If there is one tip that I can advise you when travelling is "You should maximize and exhaust your time in discovering the place." I mean it. If you still have time, go. Don't ever hesitate (even if you think its too late) because I could guarantee you, you will still enjoy it. Afterall, you are in your adventure. ;)
Update: I finally found the way to have the short vids to be posted! ;)

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