Tokyo Diary: Akihabara

10:25:00 PM Marian Faith Regala 0 Comments

Toyko's famous district for electronic shops!

Akihabara offers everything from the cameras, computers, televisions, mobile phones, electronics parts, ps4/xbox and home appliances from brand new to second-hands.We had this to our to-go-list because Daniel wanted to go to Sofmap and Laox. Sofmap features items such as Apple products, ps5/xbox games/CDs, cameras, used computes, and softwares. They also have other stuff as this is the place where I bought some facemask. Hihi. This is where you’ll also find the Maid cafe, where waitresses dress like maids or anime characters, and the Gundam cafe, themed after the extremely popular Mobile Suit Gundam anime series. The cafe serves gundam themed dishes and is decorated with art and themes from the series. A gift shop is attached and sells character goods and souvenirs.The mega sized store in the district is Yodobashi Camera. It also offers computers, games, gadgets & accessories, cameras, and appliances. Here are some you’ll also see.  Oh, it's also common to see mario & friends carting around. I envy them all the time because I wanted to do that as well but the sad part is I don't have a multiple license.
And I also love the anime themed car, I admire the owner. Credits to you!
 The "I am not sure where to eat" saver is my fave resto Yoshinoya! I was so shy the first time I ate at this place because everyone is facing everybody. But eventually, I love it as its a go-to-eat place for rush workers because you know in Japanese norm, late is a no-no!
Note: Most of the item are on sale, always check the CDs/games you are going to buy because most of them are in Japanese language only and on limited warranties. And the other gadgets/appliances are intended to for Japan use only like the voltage and other technical stuff. But don't take this as I sign that you can't buy in Japan, there are a lot of stores offers international versions and most of them are tax-free! Just always ask and double check the item before going to cashier. ;)

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