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For the 23 years of happiness, adventure, sadness, stress, downs, self-fulfillment, and achievements, I have learned and conquered some of the unfair reality slaps of life. And I know I will be facing more.
So, what I'll share to you now are some of the things I have learned, grateful for, and what I am still working on.

1. Test are are never suppose to be easy.
"Keep moving forward"
I remember loving the "Meet the Robinsons" movie. Its all about opening new doors. Yes, I did cry a bit in this movie. It's kinda like Toy Story! So yeah, try watching it. It feels good to watch those movies even if it's in animation. Anyways, I got a bit carried away, whew.
Be thankful for every challenge that life throws at you. In every trial we fail, get up and fail again. That's what it keeps us going. It's okay to be sad, scared, and cry. Don't give up, it shouldn't be an option.

2. Embrace failures.
"We all fail, we're just humans."
I am grateful in whatever I have gone through before. I never regret any of it. I'll never be who I am now if it weren't to those downfalls. If I let myself drown in regretting the wrong decisions I've made, I'll never see the essence of it. We won't fulfill true happiness if we do not acknowledge our failures. We are not created to be a failure but to see the beauty with it.

3. Learn from the stones of the past.
"These marks your milestones"
We all have unpleasant memories of our past. It may be because of our wrong choices or perspective.
Do not regret or dwell on it. Because that time, what you chose is what you thought was the best. What matters is you learned and begin to be better from it. Past is our milestones, it shows how far we've gone through. Acknowledging it, no other can use it against you.

4. It pays to be nice.
"Be the habit of being kind."
It's a fast way of remembering not only how human you are, but how human they are too. I always say "thank you". Its now a habit of mine even if it's not necessary for others. I started using Sir/Mam more often even to the Jeepney drivers. In the situations where some person are mean towards me, I pay them back by being nice. Trust me, it works better.

5. Acknowledging levels
"Know your level and stay humble"
If others are holding you back and/or putting you down, don't seek revenge. Know your level. If you do the same to them, you only put yourself to their level. Instead, keep in mind the next point...

6. Through other's lenses
"Understanding others perspective"
To understand a situation, I always consider not just one's point of view but also the other's.We all have different norms, culture, and characters. We can achieve harmony and compromise if we let ourselves be in others shoes. Sometimes we need to agree to disagree.

7. Serenity, Courage and Wisdom
"We can't please everybody and we can't predict the future"
My favorite lines in Serenity Prayer (by Reinhold Niebuhr) "God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference." This prayer keeps me grounded whenever I get frustrated and disappointed.  It's a reminder.

8. Its you.
"Because it all starts from within"
If you accept and know who you are, it will also disperse the people around you.

9. Celebrate life.
"Be grateful"
Embrace each and every breath you are taking. Feel it, cherish it. Real happiness lies in gratitude.

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